September 10, 2020 Press Releases

“Republicans for Mark”: More than 100 Current and Former Arizona Republicans Endorse Mark Kelly for Senate

Today, the Mark Kelly for Senate campaign announced “Republicans for Mark,” a group of more than 100 current and former Republicans including former elected officials, business leaders, veterans, ranchers, and everyday Arizonans from across the state endorsing Mark Kelly for Senate. Supporters commended Kelly’s history of public service having served in the Navy and at NASA for 25 years and his commitment to independent leadership that will put Arizona first and make decisions based on science, data, and facts — not politics.

“When I started this campaign, I said that we were going to bring together Arizonans from all walks of life. But it’s not just about this election, it’s about bringing people together to solve the problems we face, get through this crisis, and rebuild our economy,” said Mark Kelly. “It means so much to have the support of Arizonans who recognize the need for independent leadership that makes decisions based on what is right for Arizona.” 

Kelly will be joined by a number of these current and former Arizona Republicans on Thursday for a virtual roundtable discussion about Arizona’s need for independent leadership in Washington to get through this pandemic and rebuild our economy.

Read what current and former Arizona Republicans have to say about Mark: 

“Mark Kelly is a true American hero. He possesses the values that reflect this great nation: honesty, integrity, valor, and empathy. We can trust him to do what is right for Arizona and the entire country,” Carmen Banda-Oberg, Tucson

“Every time Martha McSally has run for office, she’s had my vote, but not this time. She’s stopped listening to us, and stopped thinking for herself. Martha may be right for Washington, but she’s not right for Arizona. This time I’m voting for Mark Kelly. Mark will stick to his convictions, and you can take him at his word. Mark is a leader who will work to bring us together, and that’s what Arizona and our nation needs,” Bill McDonald, Rancher, Douglas

“There are six major military installations in Arizona which create an $11 billion economic impact and over 75,000 jobs. Mark Kelly’s years of exemplary military service will position him to work closely with and protect Arizona’s vital military installations,” Bruce Dusenberry, Tucson

“Since the eras of Goldwater and McCain, I have been waiting for another voice of integrity and forthrightness. I finally found that in Mark Kelly. I am proud to wholeheartedly support Mark for U.S. Senate,” Judy Gignac, Former Cochise County Supervisor and President of the Arizona Board of Regents

“I want a candidate that will represent my family and that will make decisions based on personal convictions and not just follow the President from their party,” Mark Tucker, Gilbert

“Captain Kelly is the leader Arizona needs to find solutions to the challenges we face like health care and rebuilding the economy,” Geraldine Hills, Phoenix

“I am thrilled to be supporting Mark Kelly for the U.S. Senate. The thing that matters most to me in a leader is their boldness and courage — I know Mark will be an independent voice for Arizonans and will be unafraid to stand up for what is right for his constituents, instead of what is best for his political career. Throughout this campaign, Mark has proven that he listens; I know he will work to create healthier communities and make sure they have a fair shot at quality economic opportunities — that’s why I’m proud to endorse him,” David Adame, Community Leader, Phoenix

“Mark Kelly’s accomplishments in his career as a public servant exemplify the true American Dream, one that is rooted in hard work which I can relate to as an immigrant. He is a man who will always put our country before his own interests. This is a rare attribute in leaders of today’s polarized political climate. The America that I was attracted to more than 30 years ago was one where Democrats and Republicans could get along without losing sight of why they were sent to Washington in the first place: that is to put America’s interest before their own, or at least that was my impression. We need to get back to that and I believe Mark Kelly will get us there,” Uday Dalvi, CEO DataWorks, Tucson

“As a lifelong Republican, an elected official first in Michigan and then as the Clerk of the Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County Arizona, it was my honor to represent the Republican Party. I led as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. I still take great pride in my record of saving taxpayers many dollars through legislation. I have always believed in public service as an honorable endeavor. I became disenchanted with the Republican Party as I began to see the politics of fear front and center. It was clear to me this was not the party my father and I respected and supported. This election, I’m supporting Mark Kelly because I trust him to be guided by the facts and not politics, and bring dignity and courage back to Congress,” Judith Allen, Former Clerk of the Arizona Superior Court

“Mark will listen to the citizens of Arizona and be a practical, reasoned and independent voice for them in Washington,” Honorable Pete Hershberger, Former Arizona State Representative, Tucson

“My friends and I are fed up with Martha McSally’s extreme views and misaligned priorities. McSally has utterly violated her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. We need good men and women who will fulfill the founding fathers’ mandate of faithfully executing the laws of the land. That is why I will be voting for Mark Kelly for Arizona’s next U.S. Senator,” Robbie Shaw, Former Arizona State Representative, Phoenix

“I’m a lifelong Republican, having supported Republican candidates for every election since 1968. I served on the City Council and as Mayor of Scottsdale. Now, President Trump has divided us and weakened our country. What we need is true leadership that is focused on solving problems and not on politics — I know that Mark will be that independent voice that Arizona deserves. It may be a generation before we can heal, but I know Mark Kelly will help us get there,” Sam Campana, Former Mayor of Scottsdale

“I remember registering to vote as a Republican in 1983 when I turned 18. I was so excited to cast my first vote in 1984 for Ronald Reagan. I’ve had the privilege of meeting great Arizona leaders like Senator John McCain, Congressman John Kolbe, and Congressman Bob Stump. I ran for the Arizona House of Representatives in 1996 and had the great honor of serving for six years. But then things changed; our party took a turn where divisiveness was commonplace and solving problems was no longer a priority. We need leaders who will bring us together and work across the aisle to solve the difficult problems we’re facing — Mark Kelly will be an independent voice for Arizonans and will be unafraid to stand up for us in the Senate,” Honorable Roberta Voss, Former Arizona House of Representatives, Phoenix

View the full list of current and former Arizona Republicans supporting Mark Kelly HERE