July 21, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Still Using Failed GOP Playbook to Make Misleading Attacks on Mark Kelly

Lagging in fundraising and the polls, and unable to run on her own record, Martha McSally is continuing her failed 2018 strategy and tripling down on negative attacks on Mark Kelly. She’s out with yet another attack ad that twists and omits facts in order to mislead Arizonans.

Get the facts:

  • McSally’s ad continues to use the failed National Republican playbook that directed Republican candidates to not defend the president’s pandemic response and rather attack their opponents as “soft on China.” She continues this tactic against Kelly, a Navy combat veteran who was stationed in the Western Pacific. 
  • McSally’s attack ad cites a 2016 Arizona Daily Star article about the deal to build a headquarters for World View, but in order to mislead Arizonans, she conveniently leaves out the headline of the story: Space balloon firm to pay county rent of about $1.2M yearly for facility. McSally of course doesn’t want Arizonans to know the full truth that would undercut her attack, including that Pima County “will receive more than $24.8 million in lease payments over the 20-year course of the agreement” according to later Star reporting.
  • And don’t forget, McSally’s attacks are layered in hypocrisy: Arizona Mirror: While GOP hits Kelly over China ties, McSally had investments too.