September 9, 2020 Press Releases

Mark Kelly: When Arizonans Needed Independent Leadership, McSally Too Worried about Politics

Today, as recordings surfaced of the president admitting to downplaying the threat of the coronavirus, Mark Kelly issued the following statement on Senator McSally’s failure to provide Arizona with the independent leadership it needs during this crisis:

“The government’s coronavirus response has been a step behind from the beginning because leadership based decisions on politics, not public health.

“This hurt Arizona, where a failure to adequately prepare and communicate the threat of the virus led to a spike in cases and more Arizonans getting sick, dying, and losing their jobs and businesses.

“When Arizona needed independent leadership, informed by science and data, Senator McSally was too worried about politics, downplayed risks to Arizonans and had nothing but praise for a response that was failing Arizonans.”