March 12, 2019 Press Releases

Mark Kelly Statement on McSally’s Support for National Emergency

Today, Mark Kelly issued the following statement on Senator McSally’s announcement that she will vote to uphold the president’s national emergency:

“By voting to walk away and cede her constitutional authority to the president – any president – Senator McSally has made it clear once again that she is not the independent voice Arizona deserves.

“Like many Arizonans I agree we need to secure the border smartly with manpower, technology, and barriers where they make sense, but this national emergency is a bad precedent that goes around our constitution in support of a solution that won’t work. I would vote to overturn it.

“Arizona has long suffered because partisanship in Washington has prevented solutions to secure the border, and that won’t change until we elect leaders who are willing to stand up to their own party to do what’s right.”