October 12, 2020 Press Releases

Mark Kelly: Partisan Politicians Are Playing With Arizonans’ Lives

Today, as Arizonans face yet another week with no coronavirus relief, Mark Kelly released the following statement:

Partisan politicians in Washington are playing with Arizonans’ lives. As Arizonans continue struggling through this pandemic, the Senate is no closer to passing additional COVID relief and instead is focused on pushing through a lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court justice with only 3 weeks before Election Day,” said Mark Kelly. “An Arizona Senator should be focused on bringing relief to the thousands of Arizonans out of work, the struggling small business owners, and essential workers who have been supporting us every step of the way. I urge Congress and the administration to work together for the sake of Arizona and our country.

Kelly has continued to urge Democrats and Republicans in Congress to work together and pass additional coronavirus relief for Arizonans. On the campaign trail, Kelly has worked to bring attention to the pressing need for extending unemployment benefits, better access to health care for rural communities, and funding workforce development programs to help Arizona workers get through this pandemic.