September 6, 2019 Press Releases

Mark Kelly: McSally Failed to Put Arizona First and Fort Huachuca Paid the Price

Today, Senator McSally announced that $30 MILLION will be raided from a military construction project at Fort Huachuca to pay for the president’s border wall construction. At the time she voted to support this plan, Senator McSally said she had received assurances that current Arizona military projects would not be impacted.

“Senator McSally has failed her most basic responsibility to put Arizona first, and Fort Huachuca and our national security are suffering the consequences of her political maneuvering,” said Mark Kelly. “Senator McSally told Arizonans she had protected funding for Arizona military bases, and the fact is that she didn’t keep her word.”

Kelly continued, “Fort Huachuca is an essential part of our national security and performs a critical military intelligence mission that must be protected.  When funding is taken away from Fort Huachuca we are at risk and Southern Arizona’s economy is hurt.”

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