September 18, 2019 Press Releases

Mark Kelly Holds Roundtable with Phoenix Seniors to Discuss Solutions to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Today, U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Kelly held a roundtable conversation with Phoenix seniors to discuss how the rising cost of prescription drugs is impacting Arizonans and solutions to bring down drug prices.

Kelly referenced specific policies that he supports to lower drug prices, including giving Medicare the authority to use its bargaining power to negotiate down drug prices, capping out of pocket costs for seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, and getting cheaper generics to market more quickly by cracking down on the numerous ways that big pharmaceutical companies abuse the patent system.

Dora Vasquez, Executive Director of the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans, led the conversation where Phoenix seniors shared their personal experiences with rising prescription drug costs and how that has impacted them and people they care about.

Mark Kelly listens to Phoenix seniors share how the rising cost of prescription drugs has affected them. 

“I really appreciate these folks being willing to share how the rising cost of prescription drugs has affected them and their families, and for taking part in a conversation about how we tackle this issue,” said Mark Kelly. “As I travel around Arizona, rising drug prices is the concern that I hear about the most, and it’s clear that Washington has failed to address it. I’m ready to work on bold solutions and take on these big pharmaceutical companies that are making huge profits and jacking up prices on Arizona families and seniors.”