August 17, 2020 Press Releases

Mark Kelly: Delays, Political Attacks on Postal Service could Hurt Arizonans

Today, Mark Kelly released the following statement on the need for Congress to protect the United States Postal Service from politically-motivated attacks and ensure that it continues to serve Arizonans:

“The Postal Service is essential and it has to work for Arizonans – that shouldn’t be controversial or political.

“Delays and political attacks on the Postal Service could have real life consequences for rural Arizonans, small business owners who rely on their service to stay open, seniors and veterans who get their prescriptions in the mail, and for the ability of Arizonans to safely exercise their right to vote by mail. 

“Congress must demand answers from Postmaster Dejoy and, if necessary, provide emergency funding to ensure that the Postal Service continues to serve Arizonans.”