July 17, 2020 Press Releases

Mark Kelly: Bureau of Land Management Nominee a Threat to Arizona’s Public Lands

Following today’s Politico report on controversial Bureau of Land Management nominee William Pendley’s hostility towards public lands and previous attempts to open the area near the Grand Canyon to uranium mining, which Senator McSally refused to comment on, Mark Kelly issued the following statement about Pendley’s nomination:

“William Pendley’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Land Management is clearly a threat to the goal of protecting Arizona’s public lands and keeping them accessible for everyone,” Kelly said. “I’ve spoken with Arizonans who are still dealing with the consequences of abandoned uranium mines in their communities, and am worried about putting someone in charge of this agency who has pushed to sell public lands and spearheaded efforts to reopen the area near the Grand Canyon to uranium mining. Arizona is proud of our public lands, they are important to our economy and our way of life, and we deserve leadership that shares that vision and will protect them.”

Kelly discussed his opposition to uranium mining near the Grand Canyon with the Arizona Daily Sun during his campaign trip to Flagstaff in May of last year, and has strongly supported Sen. Sinema, Rep. Grijalva and Rep. O’Halleran’s proposals to permanently protect the Grand Canyon area from uranium mining. Kelly has also earned the backing of the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, the League of Conservation Voters, and 314 Action Fund.