October 14, 2020 Press Releases

“Latinos for Mark”: Over 75 Arizona Latino Community Leaders Endorse Mark Kelly for Senate

Today, the Mark Kelly for Senate campaign announced “Latinos for Mark,” a group of more than 75 Latino community leaders from across Arizona, including elected officials, small business leaders, activists, and educators endorsing Mark Kelly for Senate. Supporters praised Kelly’s understanding of the issues that affect the Latino community, like lowering health care costs, making sure all workers benefit from economic growth, protecting Dreamers and providing them with a path to citizenship, and ensuring all young Arizonans have access to a quality education. 

“Our campaign is about Arizonans — having conversations with folks across the state and understanding the challenges that they face.  Every conversation reminds me of what is at stake in this election like defending pre-existing condition protections for 2.8 million Arizonans, creating a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, and getting help to families who are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic.” said Mark Kelly. “It means so much to have the support of so many Latino leaders throughout Arizona who recognize the need to elect people who will listen and make decisions based on what is right for Arizonans.” 

Kelly will be joined today by a number of those leaders for a virtual roundtable discussion about the impact of the pandemic on Arizona’s Latino communities and the need for independent leadership in Washington to rebuild our economy while ensuring it works for everyone. 

Read what Latino leaders have to say about Mark: 

“Our communities need better access to health care, better education, good jobs with benefits, and a plan to come out of this health and economic crisis. That’s why I’m supporting Mark Kelly. He’s the right person to represent Arizonans in the Senate,” Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson

“Throughout his campaign, Mark has proved that he will listen and put in the work to understand the unique challenges that members of the Latino community face. He’s a leader that we can count on to represent us in Washington — that’s why I’m proud to endorse Mark Kelly,” Rep. Raquel Terán, Arizona House of Representatives

“We need new leadership for the State of Arizona. I believe in the promise that Mark Kelly brings. He understands that families and small businesses have been hit the hardest during this pandemic and he will address these issues and genuinely work for all of Arizona,” Sandra Erunez Otero, Small Business Owner

“I am supporting Mark Kelly, I believe in Mark Kelly, I am drawn to what Mark Kelly represents to me, humility, kindness and most importantly, confidence that he will address the problems of working people and the challenges of owning a small business,” Frances Otero, Small Business Owner

“I’m voting for Mark Kelly because I believe he cares about me — and all Arizonans. We need to elect leaders who understand what we go through as working people and small business owners. With Mark Kelly, I know that someone in Washington will have my back,” Tanairí Ochoa-Martinez, Small Business Owner

“Legislation like H.R. 6, Dream and Promise Act, that would provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and TPS holders has been stuck in the U.S. Senate for over a year. We need a change of leadership representing Arizonans in D.C. I am confident that Mark Kelly will get the job done and contribute to passing legislation that will benefit our communities. I am glad Mark Kelly supports Dreamers like myself,” Karina Ruiz, AZ Dreamers in Action Network Executive Director

“The people of Arizona are suffering due to the inability of the Senate to work together to provide relief for our state. Arizonans deserve a Senator that will fight for them, and that’s Mark Kelly. We need his leadership in Washington,” Raúl Grijalva, U.S. House of Representatives

“As a former special education teacher and current school board member, I am proud to support Mark Kelly. I have witnessed Mark Kelly’s unwavering commitment to students and our public schools. He will fight to make education a top priority in the Senate,” Monica Trejo, Tempe School Board Member

“Healthcare is a right. Equitable access to health and social services is a problem in Arizona. Simply put – it’s all about values. Arizona needs his leadership,” Carmen Heredia, Community Leader

“I support Mark because he understands that our system is broken – there are too many people who can’t make ends meet or who can’t afford healthcare. We need Mark in the Senate to fight for all Arizonans,” Yolanda Bejarano, Labor leader

“Mark Kelly’s positions on issues important to the Latino community – including education, workforce and economic development, wages, affordable housing, healthcare, DACA and immigration – align with those of CPLC Action Fund PAC. He knows the  Latino community has been especially hit hard by COVID-19, both medically and economically, and that the pandemic has further exposed and even amplified disparities in the Latino and other underserved communities,” Joseph Garcia, Executive Director of CPLC Action Fund PAC

“As a former mayor of the City of Nogales and Chief of Staff of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, I support Mark Kelly because I know he will work each day to support law enforcement, strengthen Arizona’s trade infrastructure, and help create the jobs of the future. Arizona needs a Senator who will work independently on the issues that impact Arizonans the most: education, job creation and healthcare. I am proud to stand with Mark as he helps strengthen Arizona’s future,” Marco López, Former Mayor of Nogales

View the full list of Arizona’s Latino community leaders supporting Mark Kelly HERE