May 5, 2020 Press Releases

Kelly Releases Statement on Third Anniversary of House Effort to Repeal Health Care Reform

Today marks three years since the House of Representatives and now-Senator McSally voted to repeal health care reform, a move that would have gutted funding for Arizona’s Medicaid system and allowed insurance companies to charge Arizona seniors and those with pre-existing conditions higher premiums, ultimately leaving many Arizonans uninsured and with higher health care costs.

“If Congress had succeeded in gutting our health care system three years ago, there would be fewer Arizonans with health insurance, fewer options for those who didn’t have it to get coverage, and fewer protections for older Arizonans and those with pre-existing conditions,” said Mark Kelly. “We’re seeing during this pandemic how important it is that all Arizonans can afford to get the care they need. Republicans and Democrats have to be able to work with one another to protect what’s working with our health care system, and fix what isn’t.”

Kelly has echoed Governor Ducey’s call to reopen the federal health care exchange so that newly-unemployed Arizonans and those without coverage can get health insurance quickly with less red tape and paperwork. Kelly has also advocated for health care reforms that would increase options and competition to reduce costs, including implementing a public option and allowing Medicare to negotiate down the cost of prescription drugs.