December 11, 2019 Press Releases

Kelly: McSally again failed Fort Huachuca

Defense bill fails to restore Fort Huachuca project raided for border wall construction

Last night, Congressional leaders announced a deal on the annual defense bill that does not restore funds taken from military construction projects at Fort Huachuca and other military bases to fund border wall construction. McSally serves on the conference committee that wrote the bill.

Senator McSally has voted three times to back the plan to raid military construction funds, twice with the knowledge that it would take funding from a project at Fort Huachuca that the Army has said was to replace “unsafe facilities” that “jeopardize personnel health.”

On September 23rd, when asked by a constituent on a telephone town hall about the Fort Huachuca funding, McSally said, “So as we work through our Senate and House differences that funding will be seamlessly provided.”

“The fact that funding for this project at Fort Huachuca remains uncertain is on Senator McSally,” said Mark Kelly. “Washington has long failed Arizona on border security, and only in Washington would the solution be to pit border security against our national defense. This was always a mistake and Senator McSally has supported it every step of the way.”

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