October 22, 2020 Press Releases

Here’s What Arizona Leaders are Saying About Mark Kelly’s Performance at Tonight’s Univision Forum

At tonight’s Univision “Get to Know the Candidates” Forum, Navy combat veteran and former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly laid out his vision for Arizonans and his understanding of the challenges impacting the Latino community.

Here’s what Arizona’s Latino leaders are saying about his leadership and commitment to being a Senator for all Arizonans:

“Mark Kelly understands that Latino families and small businesses have been hit hard during this pandemic. Mark showed tonight that he is ready to fight for all Arizonans. We need his independent leadership in the Senate.” Carmen Heredia, Community Leader 

“Today’s forum reminds me why I’m voting for Mark Kelly. It’s clear he’s a leader who cares about me and my community. We need a Senator who not only understands the challenges Latinos and small business owners face, we need leaders like Mark Kelly in Washington who will actually have our back.” Tanairí Ochoa-Martinez, Small Business Owner

“Latino entrepreneurs are the backbone of our local economies. At today’s forum, only Mark Kelly has shown that he will fight to bring economic relief for our small businesses in Washington. We need a Senator who will put Arizonans ahead of politics.” Danny Ortega Jr., Small Business Owner

“Mark Kelly knows the Latino community in Arizona has been hit hard by COVID-19. That’s why Mark is committed to defending protections for pre-existing conditions and bringing economic relief to families during this pandemic. Tonight’s Univision Forum showed Arizonans why Mark Kelly is the best choice. It’s time for a Senator who believes in science, data, and facts to get us through this crisis.” Joseph Garcia, Executive Director of CPLC Action Fund PAC

“At today’s forum, Sen. Martha McSally showed voters exactly why our community needs a change of leadership in Washington. McSally has always put her loyalty to President Trump ahead of common-sense solutions to our broken immigration system like a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. I am proud to support Mark Kelly. I know he will stand up for Arizona Dreamers in the Senate.” Karina Ruiz, AZ Dreamers in Action Network Executive Director

“Today, voters saw Sen. Martha McSally for exactly who she is: someone who will do and say anything to get elected, including lying about her opponent’s record. Mark Kelly understands the importance of sacrifice and working together as a team. Arizonans have a clear choice: A leader who will serve all Arizonans or a partisan who will put politics ahead of Arizonans. Our state deserves an independent leader like Mark Kelly.” Congressman Ruben Gallego 

Additionally, the Mark Kelly for Senate campaign recently announced “Latinos for Mark,” a group of more than 75 Latino community leaders from across Arizona, including elected officials, small business leaders, activists, and educators endorsing Mark Kelly for Senate.