July 31, 2020 Press Releases

FACT CHECK: Trailing in Polls and Fundraising, McSally Teams Up with Washington Allies to Launch more Dishonest Attacks

Arizonans know the playbook: trailing in both the polls and fundraising, Martha McSally will say anything to try to win. And she’s doing it again, this time teaming up with her Washington allies to launch another wave of dishonest attack ads against Mark Kelly.

Here are the facts:

McSally Claim: “Mark Kelly pocketed fifteen million dollars of our money for his business”

FACTS: No one pocketed any money. Pima County constructed a building and leased it to World View. 

  • Arizona Daily Star: Taxpayers stand to gain $4.2 million by the time World View makes its final rent payment

  • Arizona Daily Star: World View “to pay county rent of about $1.2M yearly for facility”

  • Arizona Daily Star: Pima County “will receive more than $24.8 million in lease payments over the 20-year course of the agreement”

McSally Claim: “Mark Kelly took a million dollars for his own corporation.”

FACTS: Mark left his role at World View more than a year ago, did not apply for or know anything about the PPP loan, and has not received a dime of PPP money. 

  • Arizona Republic: “The retired NASA astronaut co-founded the company and then worked as a strategic adviser, a position he left in February 2019.”

  • Arizona Daily Star: “Kelly, who left World View more than a year ago…”

  • PPP loans can only be used for payroll and overhead, neither of which would apply to Kelly.

McSally Claim: “Mark Kelly criticized Martha’s PPP program”

FACTS: Mark has supported relief for small businesses and wants to ensure it gets where it’s needed most, which is why he has called for oversight and held conversations with Local First Arizona and with Fuerza Local and the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The program was widely criticized because it wasn’t working for Arizona small businesses.

  • Arizona Republic: In April, reports surfaced that many small businesses in Arizona were unable to access the funds and that big banks were favoring certain customers over others.

Oh…this is awkward, from the Arizona Republic earlier this month:

  • “McSally’s campaign manager Dylan Lefler rebuked Kelly’s criticism of the program, even though McSally had many of the same critiques…”