May 13, 2022 Press Releases

FACT CHECK: Senator Kelly Puts Arizona Over Party on Border Security

Just a week after their previous ad was rated FALSE by nonpartisan political fact-checkers, Mitch McConnell and National Republicans are out with another ad lying about Senator Kelly’s strong record of always putting Arizona first on border security.

Since taking office, Kelly has been an independent voice for Arizona, standing up to the Biden administration and his own party to deliver resources for increased border security and working to ensure a secure, orderly, and fair response at the southern border.

McConnell Claim: Senator Kelly is “going along with President Biden on illegal immigration.”

THE FACTS: Since he was sworn in 16 months ago, Senator Kelly has stood up to the Administration and his party to secure Arizona’s border and fix our broken immigration system.

Politico: Kelly Bucks Biden on the Border

Axios: By the numbers: The most bipartisan freshmen

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) is the most bipartisan Senate Democratic freshman

Politico: Mark Kelly’s Breaks With Biden Pile Up

‘His arm is kind of untwistable,’ said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a longtime friend. ‘Mark’s going to be a tough vote for Democratic presidents for as long as he’s going to be here.’” …

Manchin said that while Kelly tries to be collaborative ‘when he sees things that are in conflict with his people, he votes against it.’”

KYMA: Senator Mark Kelly says the border situation in Yuma is a “crisis”

Border security, still top of mind for members of the federal government as a bill totaling well over a billion dollars is expected to be signed by the president to get more money to help secure our border.

The money comes as apprehensions for this year are expected to break last year’s record of 1.7 million and activity in the Yuma Sector is heating up.

“We have a crisis at our southern border,” Senator Mark Kelly said.

Kelly says $1 billion is specifically going to CBP for processing facilities, migrant medical care, transportation and personnel overtime.

Herald Review: ‘Crisis on top of a crisis’: Kelly says Biden has no plan for border after dumping Title 42

[Sheriff Mark] Dannels, who also has been trying to no avail to get someone from the Biden administration to visit the Southwest border, said he appreciates that Kelly is trying to forge a solution.

“I appreciate Sen. Mark Kelly taking the time to visit our county to hear from Border Patrol and community leaders to discuss our current border challenges,” the sheriff said. “I applaud Sen. Kelly for his support of Title 42 during a time where our southern border is already under crisis.

KYMA: “Close the Gaps” – AZ Democrat supports continuing some border wall construction

News 11 has exclusively obtained a letter from Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), asking President Biden to continue some construction along exposed sections of the southern border wall.

He specifically references the ongoing situation in Yuma.

Kelly may very well be one of the first Democrats to take the public stance.

He says he has concerns about border security and wants to close the so-called gaps. The Morelos Dam in Yuma, is considered one of those gaps, where literally hundreds of people are being funneled through that open section every single day.

KJZZ: Sen. Mark Kelly Talks Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Immigration And Investigating The Capitol Riot

Just recently, Sen. [Rob] Portman (R-Ohio) and I introduced legislation called the Border Response Resilience Act that is an attempt to take politics out of this process. And it requires that the Department of Homeland Security develops a response plan that prioritizes safety for border communities, but also a humane process for migrants. … What this bill will do is it will provide the resources and the partnerships that are needed to respond when we see these big increases in migration at the border.

“National Republicans can continue to run desperate attack ads, but Senator Kelly’s record speaks for itself. He has always put Arizona first, delivering more resources for border security and introducing bipartisan legislation to address this crisis,” said Mark Kelly for Senate Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Arizonans know they can always count on Kelly to deliver, even when that means standing up to the Biden administration and his own party.”