June 8, 2020 Press Releases

FACT CHECK: Once Again, McSally and McConnell Launch FALSE Attacks

Returning to her failed 2018 strategy, Martha McSally, and her national Republican allies, are launching “hail mary” attacks against Mark Kelly that twist the facts and mislead voters about Kelly’s record and her own. McSally is attempting to use the National Republican “soft on China” playbook against Kelly, a Navy combat veteran who was stationed on an aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific.

Get the facts:

McSally Claim: “Kelly owns hundreds of thousands of dollars in Chinese investments”

FACTS: Arizona Mirror: While GOP hits Kelly over China ties, McSally had investments too.


  • Kelly sold those [investments in various funds that have investments in Chinese companies], along with several others, in late 2019 and early 2020, said Jacob Peters, a spokesman for the campaign.
  • According to her most recent financial disclosure form, which she filed with the U.S. Senate in August 2019, McSally was invested in mutual funds that invest in Chinese companies or bonds issued by China’s communist government. Among those companies is the technology company Tencent, which invested in Kelly’s World View Enterprises and has become the focal point of GOP attacks against the presumptive Democratic nominee.


NRSC Claim: “Now Mark Kelly is deflecting, covering for China on COVID.”

FACTS: Kelly has said that China needs to be held accountable and, unlike Martha McSally, has criticized the Trump Administration for saying that China was being transparent about the coronavirus.


  • If elected, Kelly said he would work with American allies to counter China’s influence and consider economic and diplomatic tools to hold them accountable for the pandemic. [Arizona Republic 6/5/20]


  • “We cannot trust China” … “As early as January, as we’ve been dealing with the Coronavirus, the president’s intelligence briefings repeatedly warned that China was suppressing information about this virus. But still the president – you know – said China’s being transparent. China is never going to be transparent with us.” [KVOI 5/27/20]
  • “…we have that information now that in the President’s intelligence briefings that repeatedly warned that China was suppressing information. But the White House continued to say that China was being transparent about this. And it’s pretty clear now that that was not the case.” [12 News 5/1/20]

McSally Claim: “Senator McSally puts American workers first”

FACTS: Martha McSally has championed tax cuts for big corporations and incentivized the offshoring of Americans jobs.