August 10, 2020 Press Releases

“Basically a lie”: McSally’s False Attack Ads Exposed Again

Senator McSally’s dishonest and misleading attack ads against Mark Kelly continue to crumble under scrutiny. Last week, it was Politifact calling her ads about Mark Kelly “mostly false.”

Now, the Arizona Daily Star took a look at the claim from McSally’s ad that “Mark Kelly pocketed fifteen million dollars of our money for his business.” What they found shows that Martha McSally is not telling the truth to Arizonans.

Sharing the Star report on Twitter, Daily Star columnist Tim Steller called the claim “basically a lie”:

Arizona Daily Star: Fact-checkers find inaccuracies in McSally attack ads against opponent Kelly

U.S. Sen. Martha McSally accuses Democratic opponent Mark Kelly of “lining his pockets with taxpayer money” in a trio of new attack ads, but fact-checkers are already poking holes in some of her claims.

[…] On Thursday, the nonprofit fact-checking site labeled that criticism as “mostly false,” noting that Kelly left World View in February 2019, the same month he announced his candidacy, and played no part in the company’s application for PPP assistance.

[…] In one of the 30-second spots, Chris, an Air Force veteran from Tucson, says Kelly “ripped off Arizona taxpayers” when he “pocketed $15 million of our money for his business, and then laid off workers instead of creating new jobs.”

“No one pocketed any money,” the Kelly campaign said in a statement responding to the ads. “Pima County constructed a building and leased it to World View.”

According to John Moffatt, economic development director for the county, World View had made all of its scheduled lease payments through April, when the company was granted a six-month deferral by the county as a result of the pandemic and economic downturn.

Moffatt said the claim about jobs is also misleading.

Though World View did lay off 10 workers as part of a retooling in February 2019, Moffatt said the company quickly hired more people to replace them and has consistently exceeded its employment benchmarks, both in terms of the jobs created and the salaries paid.

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Martha McSally needs to answer to Arizonans why she continues to run false and dishonest attack ads.