September 29, 2020 Media

Mark Kelly: Washington Isn’t Working for Arizonans

Today, as Arizonans begin yet another week with no additional coronavirus relief from Congress, Mark Kelly released the following statement:

“It’s clear that Washington isn’t working for our state. Unemployed Arizonans are trying to survive on $240 a week and small businesses are still struggling. But right now, Senator McSally is more focused on ramming through a lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court justice weeks before an election,” said Mark Kelly. “Congress is distracted by politics as hardworking Arizonans see their livelihoods slip away. The Senate needs to get to work now.”

Last week, Kelly urged Democrats and Republicans to come together and pass additional coronavirus relief for Arizonans and all Americans. On the campaign trail, Kelly has consistently called on Washington to pass a bipartisan coronavirus relief bill and has held virtual roundtable conversations to bring attention to the pressing need for extending unemployment benefits, better access to health care for rural communities, and funding workforce development programs to help Arizona workers get through this pandemic.