June 13, 2022 Media

FACT CHECK: Senator Kelly Works To Lower Costs for Arizona Families

Today, Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC continued to lie about Senator Kelly’s work to lower costs for hardworking Arizona families, in a new, false attack ad.

Since taking office, Kelly has fought to lower costs for Arizonans in the wake of a global pandemic and economic downturn. He played a critical role in delivering direct relief to families and small businesses, without raising costs. Kelly has also worked since late 2021 to lower costs at the pump and at the grocery store by introducing legislation to temporarily suspend the gas tax, calling for more domestic oil production, and introducing bipartisan legislation to cut red tape to increase the trucking workforce. He’s also negotiated a plan to lower prescription drug costs.

Kelly understands what it’s like for families to struggle to fill their gas tanks and grocery carts, which is why he’s worked tirelessly to support families and address this issue.

“Senator Kelly’s record speaks for itself. Since taking office he’s worked tirelessly to lower costs and get Arizona’s economy back on track,” said Mark Kelly for Senate Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “No lie from National Republicans can distort what Arizonans know to be true: Senator Kelly has their backs.”

McConnell Claim: The American Rescue Plan is to blame for inflation

THE FACTS: The American Rescue Plan did not cause rampant inflation. It helped families and small businesses recover from the pandemic

Moody’s Analytics: Global Fiscal Policy in the Pandemic

The ARP has been criticized as being too large, overstimulating an already fast-improving economy and significantly contributing to the currently uncomfortably high inflation. This perspective is not consistent with our results. Without the ARP, the U.S. economy would have come close to suffering a double-digit recession in spring 2021.

Economy Policy Institute: Fiscal policy and inflation

Because the aggregate output gap hasn’t even closed as of September 2021 even as the ARP fiscal impulse has largely faded, I don’t think that too-fast a disbursement of relief has been the big problem in generating inflation. The big problem, again, has been COVID-19 keeping services spending low and goods spending high while snarling supply chains.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: American Rescue Plan Act Will Help Millions and Bolster the Economy

KYMA: Small Business Admin Launches Sen. Mark Kelly Initiative

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) is launching a new grant program that was crafted by Sen. Mark Kelly. There’s $100 million set aside in President Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan.’ The senator says it will strengthen and advance the outreach to businesses in underserved communities. It’s an opportunity to connect with non-profit organizations in the smallest rural and urban communities in the country…The grant awards will range from $1 million to $5 million for a two-year performance period.

KYMA: Senator Kelly Helps Latino-Owned Business Secure $1.3 Million Loan

Small business owners are thanking Senator Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) after his visit to their businesses Friday. He toured the Phoenix area with U.S. Small Business Administrator (SBA) Isabella Casillas Guzman. They highlighted the senator’s Community Navigator Program, which was made possible through the American Rescue Plan (APA) back in May 2021. It was designed to make financial aid easier to access, as well as other support small businesses need, especially those owned by minorities, women and U.S. veteran entrepreneurs.

KYMA: Sen. Kelly Highlights Impact Of $100 Million Program For Arizona Small Businesses 

McConnell Claim: “Senator Kelly wants to spend trillions more”

THE FACTS: Senator Kelly has cautioned against government spending that isn’t paid for

Newsweek: Mark Kelly, Echoing Krysten Sinema, Concerned Over Biden’s Infrastructure Price Tag

“I want to see it paid for,” [Senator Kelly] said. “But I want to see this process move forward.”…

On Wednesday, Kelly told CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju he was “still looking at it,” in response to questioning about Sinema’s opposition to the high-cost budget resolution bill. “We’ll see what’s in the details of the bill, what we spend the money on and how we pay for it.”

White Mountain Independent: Q&A with Senator Kelly

‘I’ve told my colleagues that this budget reconciliation package must be paid for and make responsible investments that benefit Arizona’s economy,’ [Kelly] said. ‘There are a number of proposals being discussed, from increasing renewable energy production to extending middle class tax cuts, and I’ll continue working with my colleagues to ensure that Arizona’s priorities are met.’