From his mom, one of the first women to become a police officer in West Orange New Jersey, to his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, to his two daughters, Claudia and Claire, Mark Kelly is surrounded by strong women who’ve fought for equality and opportunity. Mark supports the kinds of policies that empower women to achieve great things, plan and support their families while thriving in the workplace, and give women the opportunity to fight for themselves, in the workplace and beyond.

Mark supports every woman’s right to choose how and when to start her family. He’ll reject efforts to make it harder for women to access vital health care services, whether reproductive health care for themselves or critical programs like CHIP and WIC that help women and children stay healthy. And as a spouse who had to balance work and caring for an injured family member after his wife Gabby was shot, Mark knows that everyone in this country deserves a decent paid family leave policy — and that doesn’t mean telling folks to borrow against their own savings and then work longer and longer.

Mark knows that if we remove barriers to women’s success, our economy will benefit. Equal pay is a justice and family issue, and women of color are more likely to be subject to wage discrimination. Most families rely on two-incomes, and Mark committed to eradicating the wage gap between men and women, and doing more to ensure that women are treated fairly – and paid a living wage.

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