Arizona is home to seven military bases, and there are more than a half million Arizonans who have served in the military. As a Navy combat veteran, it’s important to Mark that our country keeps its promises to our veterans and delivers the care and benefits they have earned through their service.

There is an urgent need for improvement. Nearly 900 veterans go to sleep homeless every night in Arizona. And more than 200 veterans commit suicide in Arizona every year, one of the highest rates in the country. Not to mention the continued accountability and wait time issues at the Phoenix and Tucson VAs.

From the G.I. Bill to the VA, Mark understands we need veterans services to work for our changing veteran population. That includes aging and injured veterans who need prompt, quality health care, and young veterans who need mental health care or are looking to translate the skills they learned from their service into a good-paying job.

There needs to be an increased culture of accountability at the VA: a focus on each individual veteran, not the paperwork. Every veteran has taken risks and made sacrifices in service to our country, and Mark won’t rest until they get what they have earned.

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