As a Navy pilot, Mark swore an oath to defend the United States. Mark became a Naval aviator under President Ronald Reagan, and served under subsequent Presidents both Republican and Democrat.  He flew into combat during Operation Desert Storm on orders from President George H.W. Bush. 

Mark will work across the aisle to ensure that nothing stands in the way of keeping our military strong and our country safe. From Luke and Davis-Monthan Air Force Bases, to Yuma and Fort Huachuca, Arizona plays a critical role in our national security strategy and the federal investment in our military assets plays a critical role in Arizona’s economy. Mark is committed to protecting these bases and their place in America’s national security strategy.

Mark flew 39 combat missions and understands the importance of a strong military, but he believes first and foremost in the value of diplomacy. He will work with our allies and partners to tackle our shared threats. He will ensure that the United States remains a global leader and that our allies know that they can continue to trust us. Mark is committed to rebuilding our traditional alliances and restoring American leadership in the world.

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