Like most of our neighbors in Arizona, Mark believes that we need a strong, secure border and to fix our broken immigration system. There is no other issue where the state of Arizona has suffered more due to the dysfunction in Washington. While Washington argues the politics, we deal with the consequences.

Mark believes that any system starts with strong border security; this includes more investments in technology, well staffed ports of entry and border patrol agents on the border, and, where effective, physical barriers and fencing.

Improving programs like E-Verify will prevent big corporations from exploiting migrant labor and undercutting American wages. Some of Arizona’s ports of entry are literally crumbling, and desperately need infrastructure improvements.

This will make border crossings more secure from drug and other types of trafficking, while improving the trade that creates jobs in Arizona.

Mark also knows that we can fix our broken immigration system, but in a way that is true to our values, provides for the workforce we need, and doesn’t separate children from their parents. Mark supports protecting DREAMers – including the more than 25,500 individuals who call Arizona home – who were brought here as children, have been educated here, and played by the rules.

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