Mark is the son of two police officers and the product of a working-class family and public schools. Mark’s parents taught him how to set and reach really hard goals. Those lessons are what gave him the foundation to enter military service and become a combat pilot, engineer, and astronaut.

Mark believes a strong economy is built from the ground up, giving every Arizonan the opportunity to succeed and achieve their American dream. But for many Arizona families today, job opportunities and wages are not keeping up with the rising costs of healthcare, prescription drugs, education, housing, and retirement. Instead of standing up for the middle class, Washington has given a tax break to the wealthiest Americans and large corporations.

Mark understands that increasing opportunity in Arizona means supporting economic drivers like trade, tourism, and the military, while also making investments in research and development that benefit the emerging tech and renewable energy sectors. And that in order to prepare Arizonans to fill these jobs of the future, we need to make workforce development more accessible and affordable.

Mark will be a champion for working Arizonans and Arizona’s middle class. Mark supports:

  • Ending the tax breaks for the super wealthy and big corporations that are exploding the national debt while not benefiting working and middle class Arizonans.
  • Investing now in things that will pay off for our country down the road, like infrastructure and research and development.
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