October 7, 2020 In the News

Tucson Daily Star Editorial Board Endorses Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate

Following a commanding performance in last night’s debate, the Tucson Daily Star Editorial Board endorsed Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate. In the endorsement, the Editorial Board commended Mark’s understanding of the issues that matter to Arizonans, criticized McSally’s evasive political tactics and misleading attacks on Mark, and laid out why Mark Kelly’s leadership abilities make him better-suited to represent Arizona in the Senate.

Below are key excerpts from the endorsement.

Tucson Daily Star: 2020 Star Opinion: Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate

On why Mark Kelly is the best choice to serve Arizonans in the Senate

  • “Kelly knows the stakes of having affordable, accessible medical care and knows what a firearm can do to the human body. He is a gun owner — he owns nine, he told the Star’s Editorial Board — who supports universal background checks and the Second Amendment, just like many Arizonans do.”

On McSally lying about her record of gutting the Affordable Care Act

  • “McSally’s refrain that she wants to eliminate the Affordable Care Act but will make sure people with pre-existing health conditions can still get health insurance tells only half the story. The legislation she supports, the Protect Act, states insurance providers can’t exclude people with pre-existing conditions, which sounds good but doesn’t mean anything if the policies are too expensive to afford.”

  • “McSally is the slicker politician, sticking to her rehearsed talking points and refusing to answer specific questions with specific, on-point answers about current events.”

On the contrast between Kelly and McSally

  • “McSally describes herself as being a fighter her whole life, a fighter now ‘deployed’ to Congress, with Washington, D.C. as her ‘new battlefield.’

“Kelly declines such comparisons. ‘I don’t look at it like that, not in the slightest. We are all on the same team as Americans. … I would never think of going to Washington in comparison to when I was a combat veteran. It’s a totally different thing. We’re all on the same team. We’re trying to solve some hard problems. You’ve got to do it together. I don’t think any one party, Democrat or Republican can figure all this stuff out.’”

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