September 29, 2020 In the News

Mark Kelly Talks About the Independent Leadership Approach that He Will Bring to the U.S. Senate on KGUN9

In case you missed it, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly sat down with Craig Smith of Tucson’s KGUN9 to talk about why he is the best candidate to represent Arizona in the United States Senate and how he’ll bring independent decision-making to Washington.

“I have experience leading groups of people with diverse backgrounds to do very difficult and complicated things — and I think the United States Senate is lacking that,” said Mark Kelly.

KGUN 9: Mark Kelly Candidate Profile

See highlights from the interview below:

[Craig Smith]: Mark Kelly is running as a Democrat, but he cites Republican John McCain’s reputation for building compromise across party lines at a time when partisan positions are common and compromise is rare.

[Mark Kelly]: I think it means you have to have change, and if that change means you gotta have different folks serving in the United States Senate — sure. At this point, the partisanship and the uncompromising way our government is trying to function right now — I think that’s the kind of change you need.

[Smith]: So what does it say if Arizona voters choose Mark Kelly for the Senate?

[Kelly]: I think it says they want change, and I think it says they want somebody who’s going to stand up to make sure they don’t lose their health care coverage, that the price of their prescription medications come down.

I think it says that they want somebody who’s going to work in an independent way, who isn’t going to be a partisan.

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