April 16, 2019 In the News

Mark Kelly on KJZZ: “I Want To Represent Arizonans, Not Corporations”

Yesterday, Mark Kelly was the first Senate challenger endorsed by End Citizens United, the leading group committed to reforming the campaign finance system.

Mark went on KJZZ’s The Show to discuss that endorsement, his pledge to refuse contributions from corporate PAC’s, and the importance of campaign finance reform.

Listen to the full interview HERE.

Below are key excerpts:

“Corporate money in politics affects everything in a dramatically and negative way. I want to represent Arizonans, and not represent corporations, so that’s why I vowed not to take this money.”

“I’m not looking to them or anybody as a guide to this. This is 100% my decision because when and if I’m elected I want to represent Arizonans and not care about what some company in some other state thinks about or thinks I should do. And the best way to do that is to not accept corporate PAC checks.”