August 15, 2020 In the News

Arizonans Need To Know: McSally Will Do And Say Anything To Get Elected

AUGUST 14, 2020 — Arizonans need to know that Martha McSally will do or say anything to get elected. We have seen it before in 2018, and it’s happening again in 2020.

Nonpartisan sources say Martha McSally is “misleading” voters with dishonest TV attack ads that include “inaccuracies” and “ignore critical facts.” And one opinion columnist called McSally’s ads “basically a lie.”

And in 2020, as in 2018, McSally is falsely claiming to protect people with pre-existing conditions when she has repeatedly voted to undermine or eliminate those protections. That’s why independent sources have determined that McSally’s claims about protecting people with pre-existing conditions are “false” and “mislead[ing].”

While hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are losing their jobs and their employer-provided health insurance coverage due to the pandemic, McSally has put her party leaders and corporate donors ahead of Arizonans. After taking more than $150,000 in corporate PAC contributions from big insurance and drug companies, McSally is standing by her party’s plan that would increase premiums, eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections, and threaten coverage for an estimated 300,000 Arizonans.

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