July 3, 2020 In the News

Arizona Republic: Mark Kelly calls for investigation into Trump’s handling of possible Russian bounties

Retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, the Democratic Senate candidate in Arizona, called for an investigation into the handling by President Donald Trump and his administration of intelligence reports suggesting Russia offered bounties for murdering U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

Kelly said the administration must answer for the allegations, which, if true, represent a significant escalation in the challenges the U.S. has had with Russia in the Middle East.

Kelly, a former Navy fighter pilot, told The Arizona Republic this week the United States must determine who authorized the bounties, determine their motivations, and then evaluate the reportedly differing views by American intelligence agencies about the information.

“We can’t allow the Russian intelligence agency to take these kinds of actions and then as a nation not respond,” he said. “We’ve got to have the backs of our troops, especially when they are in a combat theater.”

Kelly called for a proportional response against Russia, perhaps in the form of economic action or sanctions. His comments Thursday followed his previous statements that called the alleged bounties “staggering.”

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