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Senator Kelly In the News: October 21st, 2022

October 21, 2022

In the Senate, Kelly has worked to lower costs, get our economy back on track, and change the way Washington works – for Arizonans, not corporations. Partnering with both Republicans and Democrats, Kelly has spent his first year and a half in office delivering results for our state.

To keep up with Senator Kelly’s work and the re-election campaign, check out the top three clips of the past week about the race and just some of what Kelly’s been up to:

KYMA: Senator Mark Kelly says Yuma farmers doing their part to conserve water

$4 billion is coming from the federal government to help solve the drought in the southwest.

U.S. Senator Mark Kelly says it’s going towards both conservation and innovation efforts.

Adding Yuma farmers have been doing their part to secure Arizona’s water future and that other states need to step up to prevent future cuts on Colorado River water deliveries.

Kelly says the money he secured in both the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can solve the water issues in a two-part approach.

“Yuma has really stepped up as a community. Yuma farmers have. By conserving more water than they’re required to under the Tier 2-A drought,” Kelly said.

Kelly says as Yuma farmers and Arizona have stepped up to save water, it’s time for other states to follow suit.

Peoria Times: Democrats lean in on prescription drug reform on campaign trail

Three weeks before the general election, Sen. Mark Kelly is making his voice heard across Arizona — from the debate stage earlier this month and, more recently, Peoria, where he spoke at the Mission for Arizona office, an organization aimed at electing Democrats statewide.

“This election is so important, and the choice is so obvious,” Kelly said.

“We do elections well in this state. Our governor, Doug Ducey, I agree with him on this: We do elections well. We had a free and fair and secure election in 2020. We’re going to have it again in 2022.”

Kelly’s personal optimism for Arizona was mixed with warnings of the harm he believes his opponent, Masters, is capable of doing to Arizona.

“We’ve expanded veteran’s healthcare, we did postal reform, gun safety legislation … all these things working with Republicans,” he said. “This is the way the place is supposed to work. But we have folks that don’t want to do that. You know, my opponent is an example. He said he’ll never work with Democrats. He calls Democrats psychopaths.”

State Press: Mark Kelly Emphasizes The Student Vote At Event On ASU’S Downtown Phoenix Campus

On Friday, Kelly visited ASU’s Downtown campus for a Ballot Drop Kickoff event hosted by Mission for Arizona, the coordinated campaign by the Arizona Democratic Party to reelect Kelly. 

Jack Cahill, a volunteer for Mission for Arizona said events like this one are important for increasing the number of student voters.

“These events not only increase turnout on campus but also just increase enthusiasm (about voting) in general,” Cahill said. “Seeing Mark Kelly and other Democrats come here and talk to students, interact with them and take their questions, I think it shows a commitment to the campus and youth vote.” 

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