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Mark Kelly Raises $23 Million in Q3 2022

October 15, 2022

Today, Mark Kelly for Senate announced that it collected $23 million in the third quarter of 2022 with an average individual contribution of $39. This total comprises $21.3 million the campaign will report raising in the third quarter FEC filing, along with $1.7 million the campaign reported raising in the pre-primary filing, from July 1st to July 13th.

Small dollar donors continue to power the campaign, with 96% of all contributions being $100 or less. This total was made up of over 579,000 total contributions this quarter. So far this cycle, Mark Kelly for Senate has raised nearly $80 million.

“Since taking office, Senator Kelly has been laser-focused on Arizona alone: lowering costs, creating good-paying manufacturing jobs, and investing in the state’s infrastructure,” said Mark Kelly for Senate Campaign Manager Emma Brown. “As millions in dark money pour into Arizona attacking Senator Kelly’s record, this campaign continues to be fueled by grassroots donors who contribute what they can, when they can. Arizonans know the stakes are too high to send Blake Masters and his dangerous beliefs to the U.S. Senate and are using small-dollar donations to make their voices heard.”

As Arizonans begin voting early, this announcement reflects several months of momentum from Mark Kelly for Senate. Senator Kelly has spent this week talking to seniors and Latino Arizonans about the importance of voting early after his winning debate performance. Earlier this summer, the campaign also launched Latinos for Kelly, a coalition of 100 Latino leaders and close to 90 Republican and Independent leaders supporting Senator Kelly. The campaign has been communicating with Arizonans on airwaves since February, and has also run a statewide digital persuasion program in both English and Spanish.

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