Mark Kelly for Senate Puts Blake Masters’ Social Security, Taxes Stance On Display In New Spanish-Language Ad, “Riesgo”

October 15, 2022

This morning, Mark Kelly for Senate released a new Spanish language television ad titled “Riesgo.” In this ad, Spanish-speaking Arizonans see directly how Senator Kelly is serving their economic interests by working to lower costs and get our economy back on track, while Blake Masters only wants to privatize Social Security and give tax breaks to big corporations.

This summer, Blake Masters shared his plan to “cut the knot” and privatize Social Security. Senator Kelly will always protect Social Security. That commitment to protecting Arizona seniors has earned him endorsements from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans. Arizona seniors deserve a Senator who helps them make ends meet, not one who thinks corporations matter more than they do.

“Blake Masters doesn’t understand us,” the ad says in Spanish “But Mark Kelly is independent and always finds solutions. Lowering everyday costs, more good-paying jobs and making big companies pay their fair share. With Mark Kelly, Arizona always comes first.”

Watch “Riesgo” here:

Read the English transcript for “Riesgo” here:

[VOICEOVER] Blake Masters wants to give tax breaks to big corporations while putting our Social Security at risk. 

Listen closely…

“…maybe we should privatize social security.”

Blake Masters doesn’t understand us.

But Mark Kelly is independent and always finds solutions. 

Lowering everyday costs

More good-paying jobs 

And making big companies pay their fair share

With Mark Kelly,  Arizona always comes first. 

Mark Kelly for Senate began communicating with Arizonans on television in February, with its first spot discussing the impact of rising costs, and launched its Spanish language TV communication program over the summer. The campaign also runs a statewide digital persuasion program in both English and Spanish. Senator Kelly is supported by a wide coalition – the campaign launched “Latinos for Kelly,” a coalition of over 100 Latino leaders backing Kelly and “Republicans for Kelly,” a group of nearly 90 Arizona Republican and Independent leaders coming together to support his re-election.

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