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Senator Kelly In the News: October 14th, 2022

October 14, 2022

In the Senate, Kelly has worked to lower costs, get our economy back on track, and change the way Washington works – for Arizonans, not corporations. Partnering with both Republicans and Democrats, Kelly has spent his first year and a half in office delivering results for our state.

To keep up with Senator Kelly’s work and the re-election campaign, check out the top three clips of the past week about the race and  just some of what Kelly’s been up to:

Northeast Valley News: “Mark Kelly won the debate for me”

Northeast Valley News spoke to several registered independent voters in the Valley— post-debate— and the remarks were similar.

Masters was seen as “on the attack of Mark Kelly…Blake Masters looked like he was going to run out of breath” according to Phoenix resident, Kacey Upton.

Upton has decided her vote largely over Masters extreme anti-abortion stance.

Another Valley registered independent, Thomas Jarvis of Tempe, has kept up on the U.S. senate race and early on was leaning Republican—but based on a video where he saw Master’s speech about privatizing Social Security…and then backed off that stance once it became clear how unpopular it was, Jarvis became “suspicious of Masters.”

When Northeast Valley News asked, “Who won the debate?” Jarvis quipped,

“Mark Kelly won the debate for me—I don’t trust Blake Masters…he says one thing and then another—he seems desperate.”

Fox10: Sen. Mark Kelly Speaks with Seniors About Social Security, Medicare

New York Times: Five Takeaways From the Arizona Senate Debate

Mr. Kelly pointed to statements where Mr. Masters had called abortion “demonic,” and said Mr. Masters wanted to punish doctors and ban abortions in cases of rape.

Mr. Masters said he was proud to call himself one of the most pro-life candidates running for Senate, and quickly leveled a misleading accusation that Mr. Kelly supported late-term abortions up until the moment of birth. In reality, abortions late in pregnancy are rare and often occur because of a devastating health problem in an otherwise wanted pregnancy.

Mr. Kelly called the border “a mess” of chaos and crisis, but said he had worked to get money for more Border Patrol agents and technology to screen for drugs at ports of entry.


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