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Press Releases

Senator Kelly Fights to Lower Costs for Arizona Families

October 6, 2022

Senator Kelly understands that Arizonans are facing high prices, and he has made fighting inflation a top priority — pushing past partisan politics to deliver results for Arizonans.

  • Kelly worked to bring down the price of gas by pushing the Biden Administration to  increase domestic oil production and suspend the federal gas tax.

  • Kelly’s plan to lower prescription drug costs for seniors was recently signed into law. This law will allow Medicare to negotiate down prescription drug costs and cap out of pocket expenses for seniors, many of whom are on a fixed income.

  • Kelly led on the CHIPS Act, bipartisan legislation that will increase microchip manufacturing in America, creating Arizona jobs, and easing supply chain demands which will lower costs on goods from microwaves to cars.

  • To fight rising food and fuel prices, Kelly pressured the administration to investigate corporate price gouging.

  • Kelly passed bipartisan legislation to lower costs by fixing supply chains on land and at sea.