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FACT CHECK: Masters Repeating Lies about Senator Kelly’s Vote to Write into Law Roe v. Wade Protections

October 6, 2022

Blake Masters just recycled his tired and obviously false claim that Senator Kelly backs unrestricted abortions up until the moment of birth.

Politifact has already rated this argument “Mostly False”:

Contrary to what Master’s campaign said, the bill’s text does not mandate abortion on demand “until the moment of birth.”

The woman would play a key role in any decision, but a plain reading of the text places equal responsibility in the hands of the physician. That fails to meet the commonly used definition of “abortion on demand.”

The Associated Press and Washington Post have also fact checked similar claims. Not only are Masters’ comments wrong, but they do nothing to distract from his own dangerous support for a total abortion ban, with no exception for rape or incest. Unfortunately for him, Arizonans won’t forget that he called abortion “demonic,” said he wants to “punish the doctors” who provide abortion, and wants to nationalize Arizona’s new restrictive ban.

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